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Here at Stamford Hospital, we know that children are not just miniature adults. They metabolize medications differently than adults, require different surgical techniques, and need a special sort of emotional care.

We use a team of top pediatric specialists to provide multidisciplinary care, from our very youngest patients up through those bordering on adulthood. Whether it’s in the Children’s Specialty Center, the Emergency Department, or elsewhere in the hospital, Stamford Hospital treats children with the care and consideration they need, both physically and mentally.

Cohen Specialty Center
Families no longer have to travel to New York or beyond to find advanced children's healthcare. We've assembled a team of top specialists right here.

Our services include pediatric hospitalists in house 24/7, inpatient and outpatient surgery, a cystic fibrosis treatment team, and a Level IIIB NICU.

Patient Experience
Children receive expert care in an environment designed to reassure and interest kids. Meals are oriented toward kids' tastes and entertainment is available.

This community-wide nutrition and wellness program for kids was started by a Stamford Hospital doctor to combat childhood obesity.